Saturday, November 28, 2015

Super Weather!!

The weather this fall has been amazing!! I have been able to go kayaking 4 times in the last few weeks which feels wonderful!! Even though we have gone from trees ablaze with color to trees devoid of leaves , the warm weather allows the beauty of both to shine through!!
This view of my favorite creek shows the beauty of Pennsylvania!

I have encountered quite a few eagles on my kayak adventures , like this one watching as I paddled underneath!

I also came upon this bird which I think is a juvenile black crowned night heron. Anyone know for sure?
I have had time to start and finish one gourd. This one I call Winter White. It has a metallic white and sponged on white finish with random spots of gold leaf. The pine needle coiling is accented with gold beads and pine cones! I really like how the colors complement the natural beauty of the gourd and the pine needles! This gourd is available and would make a nice part of a display for

Monday, November 2, 2015

Recycle Show and the rest of the trip to Maine.

Here I am next to my African sculpture at the Campbell Pottery recycle show! The reception was very nice and I loved to see all the creative ways artists used everyday articles and dare I say trash, to make beautiful art! Thank you very much to the new owner of the sculpture!!

I also talked to a very nice art teacher that has started a blog. She is covering a lot of local art events for her blog and included me for this show! The link to her blog is   
Now to continue with our trip to Maine... Here is the view from a state park near our daughters house!! Beautiful!
All too soon it was time to start back home, and wave goodbye to riley in front of her house! We took the long way home and drove across Maine to New Hampshire and stopped to check out Mount Washington. We were too late to drive up so we had to settle for pictures from the bottom!
We passed this beautiful resort with a rainbow nearby! Then we continued across Vermont and the next day took the ferry across Lake Champlain.
We traveled to Lake Placid New York and went up the ski jump! I don't know how those athletes jump off those things!!
Our last stop was at Letchworth State Park in New York. It is very beautiful there with wonderful waterfalls!
Our trip was a lot of fun , but it is always nice to get home and see the dog, cat, and horses!

Here is my favorite fall tree in my yard! Such a beautiful sight !

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

MY gourd in a new home, butterfly raising , and Maine!

I wanted to start this post with a couple of pictures sent to me from Bob and Sheila of the gourd they bought from me in it's new digs! They really made it look so beautiful in this arrangement in their gorgeous home!
Thank you so much for sending these wonderful pictures!
I have been busy with a new project lately that was fun and educational, I brought 3 monarch caterpillars in the house to raise into butterflies and then set free for the trip to Mexico! It is supposed to be safer for them away from predators and bacteria that can kill them. I kept them clean in a plastic container with a paper towel lid and supplied fresh milkweed leaves daily for them to eat.
After they formed their chrysalis on the paper towel, I moved the paper towel to a larger cage. Here is a picture of the first butterfly to emerge. I was so happy that they had waited for me to return from a trip to Maine to visit our daughter!
Here is my cat Sam wishing he could eat them!
Here is the last one to emerge .The next day I let her go and watched her fly away! Hopefully she will have enough good weather to make it to Mexico where they spend the winter! the other female flew away also but something was wrong with the male and despite my care he didn't make it! I will definitely try this again next year and hopefully see more raised to help them recover from the awful decline in their numbers.
Our trip to Maine was very fun and beautiful! So nice to spend time with Riley and Ryan! Maine is a wonderful place , much like here but with the added plus of the ocean! We went on a whale watching tour but failed to see a whale but beautiful anyway! We did see porpoises and a sea turtle!
We also went to a wonderful place that sells old wood cook stoves and it is also a museum! It was full of old player pianos, music machines, toys, cars, etc. Joe and his wife were wonderful hosts, telling us all about the contents in the museum!
Then we were off to the common ground fair put on by the Maine organic farmers and growers association. It is a different kind of fair focusing on local organic sustainable farming practices. Lots of educational talks and exhibits! I got my picture taken with Ben and Jerry of ice cream fame!!
I will finish details of our trip next time, as I have to go out and mow the grass! Don't forget the artist reception at Campbell Pottery is Saturday from 1 to 3!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Beautiful Monarchs

I have been pleasantly surprised to find several monarch caterpillars on the milkweed plants in my field recently. I don't allow any roundup to be sprayed here so the milkweed is allowed to grow and is safe for the caterpillars! I also found a chrysalis hanging on a goldenrod plant! Can you see the wing colors through the covering? This whole process is so amazing to me! I decided to try and raise some caterpillars inside ( which is actually safer for them as long as you keep them clean and provide fresh milkweed leaves. ) I have 3 and two of them are now hanging upside down ready to change into the chrysalis stage! I hope they hurry before it gets too cold outside. Monarchs born now migrate to Mexico and California for the winter!! Amazing!!!
Here is one that is on one of my sunflowers!! so Beautiful!!
It is almost time for the next art show at Campbell Pottery! This show has the theme of recycle ,renew, and repurpose! I have made two entries for it, both with gourds.
This one is a gourd and gourd piece that I coiled with some strings off of some hay bales I had. I loved the bright color of the strings , so I had been saving them for something! This show just provided the perfect reason to use them!! The other piece is an African doll incorporating a gourd but also some surprising elements you wouldn't expect!! That is a tease so you will go to the show and check it out!! The show starts October 2nd and the artist reception is on the 10th!
The 26th of September is the last Water fire Sharon for the year, I highly recommend it if you have never gone!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Campbell Pottery Lily Festival 2015

Here I am at the artist reception at Campbell Pottery this weekend, with my gourd. It was a very nice afternoon and I must say the air conditioning was nice as it was very hot and humid outside!! The gallery was very busy and my husband and I enjoyed talking to some of the others there!! My husband especially enjoys the cookies and fruit!! :)
The fields outside were really beautiful with all the lilies in bloom! The show runs until August 2nd and is well worth the trip!
I have had a lily fest of my own at home as all my flowers are blooming! This is the biggest white lily I have ever grown!!
It was so heavy, it broke off and had to be put into a vase!!
After the reception, we went home to take care of animals and then off to the Water Fire event in Sharon! It was a beautiful evening with good music and art and the lovely fires on the river! We also checked out the new brewery in town which was fun! there are 2 more this summer, and I recommend the experience!
I hope everyone is having a fun summer and enjoying the warm weather! Can't believe it is almost August!!
This deer was enjoying some apples in our front yard!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trumbull Art Gallery Opening Reception

As mentioned in the last post, I was trying to get something made for the Trumbull Art Gallery annual regional art show. I ended up entering three pieces and they were all accepted! I was so thrilled! The show was juried by John Vanco the director of the Erie Art Museum. The opening reception was last night and the place was packed! It was difficult just to move through the gallery!
I entered two paintings and a gourd. The paintings have been on here before, but the gourd is new. It was made using the same idea from my elephant piece that was at the Campbell Pottery paper art show.
This gourd took a lot of work as I turned it upside down and cut the top off and moved it to the other side making a lid. The bottom then had a wooden piece fitted into it. A small gourd was added to the lid for the handle. The elephant is carved and woodburned and painted. There is a woodburned design with various animal prints etc.. The body of the gourd has an alcohol dye finish. An inlaid teardrop is on the elephant. The show at the Trumbull Art gallery in Warren Ohio goes on until August 29th.
Don't forget the Lily festival artist reception is next Saturday the 18th at Campbell Pottery. Also that day is the first water fire Sharon of the summer. If you go stop by gallery 29!!
Flowers are all in bloom around here and so beautiful!
There are some butterflies on the milkweed , but sorry to say, I have not seen one Monarch!! Makes me sad , as a few years ago they were covered with them! Please help save them! There are many articles online about what you can do!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It's time for the Lily Festival again!!

It is the time of year again for the Campbell Pottery Lily festival art show! I was so busy getting gourds made for the show in Texas,  I wasn't sure if I would be able to get something done for the Lily festival this year! But I managed to get one gourd done , and it was accepted!!
I call this one " Ode to Lily of the Valley". I also had a wonderful surprise , because someone actually bought it before I sent it to the show! That is the first time that has happened! Thank You, Bob and Sheila!!! The Lily festival runs from July 3rd to August 2nd at the Campbell Pottery Store! The artist reception is on July 18th! Stop on by and say Hi!
My next art project is trying to get something made for the Trumbull art Gallery regional show. I will let you know how that turns out!
We had a wonderful visit from our daughter this past week for a few days and she helped me a lot with mulching flower beds which was greatly appreciated!! We did take time between all  the rain to get a short kayak trip in on Lake Wilhelm!
As you can see, the water was like glass!! A storm was brewing so we did cut our adventure short!
We have really been having a lot of rain!! Hard to find a dry time to mow the grass!
My garden is growing quite well and so are the weeds!! :) 
The hummingbirds have been busy at the feeders and last night I counted 6 at one feeder!!
Seems like all I do is fill various bird feeders! but I really enjoy watching all the visitors!!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Kerr Arts and Cultural Center Gourd show results!

Hearts Desire
My gourd "Hearts Desire" won the best newcomer award at the KACC Southwest gourd fine art show in Kerrville Texas!! I was very excited to receive this award as it was an honor just to be included in this show! Some of the top gourd artists from the country take part in this show! Another of my gourds, "Imperiled Prince of the North" got 3rd place in the mixed media category!

Imperiled Prince of the North
I hope I can actually make it to the show someday! My thoughts are with all those from the area since they are having such awful weather there! Hopefully that weather pattern will change soon!
In other news all my favorite birds have returned for the summer! Orioles, wrens, hummers, and even some barn swallows have taken up residence in the barn!! It is such a busy time of year, trying to get the garden in, keep up with the grass ,and get some mulch down around the flowers! I am also working on an entry for the Campbell Pottery Lily festival! We did make a trip to Virginia for my nieces college graduation and have gotten in a few more kayak trips. Also our dear friend and my helper at most of the art shows had emergency surgery and is in the hospital! Thankfully she is doing great and almost good as new!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Thank you!!

                   I wanted to thank everyone that voted for my elephant piece, "A tear for my Brethren" at Campbell Pottery during the paper art show! The piece got 2nd place!! It is so nice when something connects with others in the way this one has! Thanks again! The show is still on until Sunday if you have a chance to see it!
I hope the new owner enjoys the piece!  Thank you soo much!
I have still been working on gourds for the show in Texas, but I am almost finished! I am really happy with the ones I have soon! Then it will be time to work on entries for the Campbell Pottery lily festival!
We have had a couple beautiful weekends here and my husband and I took advantage of them and got a couple kayak trips in on Lake Wilhelm!

It is a wonderful time on the lake! There are nesting waterfowl everywhere! The camouflage of the geese on their nests works very well! Several times we would be right beside one and not even see it!
Turtles were everywhere sunning themselves on logs!
There were two giant osprey nests on top of dead trees in the water and we got to watch one fishing which was mesmerizing!!
There was also a tree or trees just full of cormorants!!
These days spent in nature do so much for my state of mind and wellbeing!! We all must do everything we can to preserve these places for ourselves and future generations!! Hope everyone will do something this year to help the environment and the creatures on this earth!!!