Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Art Studio

I am pleased to announce that we have started to build a new small art studio for me , at our farm. I had the idea of buying a small garden shed and converting it into a studio, where I could work and not have all my art supplies spread all over the dining room table. Also I could display and sell my artwork from it. At first my husband was not on board , but he has since changed his tune. Soo now my little shed has grown into a bit larger building ,that will probably be timberframe. It will be 16 x 16 with a porch on the front. I am so excited and looking forward to the opportunities it will provide!! My husband worked really hard for two days getting the posts put in. I helped but he did soo much more than I did! ( and we aren't getting any younger!!) Above is the area where an old building used to be, and below is the area with the poles in. 

Here is a new watercolor of two fawns I recently finished.I thought it was funny they were facing opposite directions!! When I took the reference photo, the doe ran for the woods but the fawns acted like nothing was wrong! So sweet!