Monday, June 30, 2014

Campbell Pottery for the 4th year.

 I was so excited to find out last week that my entries for the Campbell Pottery lily festival art show were both accepted this year! I entered the gourd above and a painting. I wasn't sure how the gourd would do, but it made it! The show runs from July 4th to August 3rd. The reception is on July 19th from 1 to 3 and I would love to see you there! I also got some good news from Asbury Woods nature center near Erie. They have accepted my art into their schoolhouse craft show in December..more info to follow. Also, my artwork is now available, at Liberty Galleria on the main street in Franklin. It is a wonderful store supporting local small businesses. Check it out!
                We had a very interesting visitor recently to our back yard!! Check it out, below!!
I managed to get some good pictures before my husband scared him away so he (she) wouldn't destroy our bird feeder!! Haven't seen it since. This encounter did inspire me to make a bear gourd.

I also painted this Husky, Malamute?? not sure which . Can anyone tell me ? We saw him at a dog show and thought he was beautiful!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wood Duck Gift.

Here is a picture of the wedding gift gourd I mentioned in an earlier post.  The customer ordered it for a friend that is a duck hunting buddy. I carved the wood duck on the gourd and used inlace inlay around the oval in the triangles. I woodburned the leaves , cattails, and a female wood duck on the back. I also woodburned some feather texture on the duck. I painted the duck using acrylic paint. I carved the mini duck calls from a dowel, and also used inlace to put the names of the bride and groom on them. I then spent quite a few hours doing the coiling on top with waxed linen thread. I hope the gift was well received and the recipients have a long and happy life together! I must thank John and Sharon for thinking of me to make this special gift!
       I have been behind on other projects this spring due to an unexpected injury. My old , blind and deaf jack russel terrier, accidentally bit my left index finger while I was trying to get a stuck Denta stix out of the roof of his mouth. I thought it was nothing to worry about until three days later it was still very swollen and starting to hurt down into the palm of my hand. So, a short trip to the emergency room ( I thought.) the day before Easter turned into 3 days in the hospital and surgery on Easter Sunday. I guess my tendon was involved and infected thus the big ordeal! I must say my finger is still not right but thank goodness it wasn't my right hand. I must thank my husband for doing all my chores I couldn't do for awhile
   I have managed to get a few things made for art competitions coming up. I also have finally gotten some of my flowers and garden planted, more to go. I also completed this portrait in acrylic for my son and daughter in law of their dog that they had to put to sleep .
I also have had a gourd for quite some time that was speaking to me and saying it wanted to be a garden fairy!! I finally acted on that notion and Echinacea was born!
She is very worried about the butterflies and bees in the world due to overuse of pesticides and herbicides. Therefore the sign she carries in one hand says go organic!! She is for sale if anyone is interested.
Until next time....