Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fracking Meeting

Here is a picture of a meeting our neighborhood group put on last night about the risks of hydrofracking and the environmental costs it poses. Our speakers did a great job and we had a full house! I hope we were successful in starting a conversation other than how much money you can make. One of our speakers is surrounded by wells in Butler county and as a result has contaminated water. She and her family have to go to their daughters house to get a shower. Have to boil bottled water to cook and wash dishes etc.. Is it really ok for this to happen??? And as the Industry claims it is not their fault, and people are lying about this problem all over the country, do you believe a corporation that stands to make billions or the people that just want clean water and air????  
        on another note, my artwork has been taking a back seat to my work on this issue but I have some orders to fill so I hope to get back to art real soon. Here is a picture of a state park near here that is due to have a well drilled starting in March--300 feet from the border. A Shame!!!