Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chesley and fall scenes

Here is my latest doggie portrait just about complete! It is done in watercolors and after setting it aside for a few days and then looking at it again, with fresh eyes, I will add the final touches. The weather  forcasters keep saying we will have a sunny weekend, but I am not seeing the evidence of that yet! I think we are overdue for some sun!! I wanted to get some more fall pictures before the colorful leaves are all gone! here are a couple pics I took before this last wave of rain hit us!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Swimming with Mom

Here is my new watercolor of some baby geese swimming with Mom. I took the reference photos in the spring at lake Wilhelm. This past week I took some photos there again. My daughter was here visiting and we had a glorious stretch of beautiful fall weather!! We took one of my dogs and hiked there. So here is a picture of my daughter and Shelby!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ostrich Play

This is the newest mixed media piece I have done. It is watercolor, colored pencil, and ink. I thought the crazy  attitude of the ostrich I took the reference photo of, deserved a bit of a crazy painting! At one point he or she, not sure, tried to eat my camera! I wanted to thank those who visited me at the craft show in Meadville over the weekend. Hope the pieces going to new homes bring joy to those who bought them! It was a nasty few days, weather wise, so it was nice to be in a warm dry building! i must say I was impressed by the 89 year old lady next to me selling her prints of paintings she had done in past years. She can no longer paint due to macular degeneration but still was out there marketing the ones she had done before! You go girl! Amazing!