Monday, August 26, 2013

Trip to Maine

 We recently helped move our daughter from NY state to Maine. It was my first trip to Maine and I liked it a lot. This picture is from Acadia national Park, which is close to where our daughter lives now. We waded in the waters of the Atlantic here and boy was it cold!! I guess those lobsters like that because that was the big fresh seafood offering everywhere.
Back home my flowers were growing and beautiful, but we arrived to find that my tomatoes had gotten the blight and were nearly dead!! Guess I will be buying tomatoes this year if I want to can my usual sauce and salsa.
The dogs have been enjoying our cookouts and the sweet corn we have been eating a lot of lately. They think they are human and every night after dinner excitedly run to the car thinking they will get to go to the ice cream place in town for their ice cream dish.
We are still finishing up the last few details on the art studio, staining the front door and track lights. Who would have thought it would be a year in the making!
Here is a new gourd I finished with a cat looking longingly at a butterfly. I made the butterfly out of apoxysculpt and painted it.
This is a gourd wall pocket I made recently too. Unfortunately during a bad storm we had it got blown off the wall and cracked. I have glued it back together , but it will have to be just for me!!