Friday, December 12, 2014

Bison Gourd

Here is a picture of one of my latest gourds in progress. This was taken during the carving process. Up to this point many hours were spent cleaning and cutting the top off of the gourd, coming up with a design, drawing the design, woodburning , carving and sanding. Soon it was time to start painting and dying.
Here is a picture of the finished gourd. it has faux leather tooling, faux suede, faux beading, and faux basketry on it.
Here is a picture of the back side of the gourd. I called this one "Culture Clash" since it has native American design elements and western design elements and the bison which was a point of conflict for the native americans and the settlers moving into the west. This is one of the largest gourd pieces I have ever done. It is available at Gallery 29 on main street in Sharon, PA.
Here is another recent gourd with dyed pine needle coil and a bright alcohol dye finish.
Here is a small gourd with pine needle coiling and a kitten.
Here are two Santa's I made this year. Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season filled with love and laughter!!