Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Thank you!!

                   I wanted to thank everyone that voted for my elephant piece, "A tear for my Brethren" at Campbell Pottery during the paper art show! The piece got 2nd place!! It is so nice when something connects with others in the way this one has! Thanks again! The show is still on until Sunday if you have a chance to see it!
I hope the new owner enjoys the piece!  Thank you soo much!
I have still been working on gourds for the show in Texas, but I am almost finished! I am really happy with the ones I have soon! Then it will be time to work on entries for the Campbell Pottery lily festival!
We have had a couple beautiful weekends here and my husband and I took advantage of them and got a couple kayak trips in on Lake Wilhelm!

It is a wonderful time on the lake! There are nesting waterfowl everywhere! The camouflage of the geese on their nests works very well! Several times we would be right beside one and not even see it!
Turtles were everywhere sunning themselves on logs!
There were two giant osprey nests on top of dead trees in the water and we got to watch one fishing which was mesmerizing!!
There was also a tree or trees just full of cormorants!!
These days spent in nature do so much for my state of mind and wellbeing!! We all must do everything we can to preserve these places for ourselves and future generations!! Hope everyone will do something this year to help the environment and the creatures on this earth!!!