Saturday, January 18, 2014

Busy Christmas and loss of a pet.

The kids were all here for Christmas this year ,but getting them here and home was an ordeal. Flights were delayed and cancelled due to the weather . But it was wonderful to have them here, and the time passed much too quickly. The top picture is of our son and his wife and the bottom one is of our daughter on a hike we took on one of the nice days we had. After they all left the house was much too quiet again.  Soon after they left we had a very cold spell. Temperatures were below 0 with wind chills in the negative 30's. My poor old pygmy goat didn't due to well with that cold. I tried putting him in my workshop in the barn to warm him up several times. But his 16 year old body just couldn't recover. Sadly he passed away during the night , even though it had warmed up by then. I miss his cheerful face and find it hard to  feed horses and not have him there too.  
Petrie the goat and Shelby our dog.

I have had more time now to work on art projects. Here is a wall hook I made with an  acrylic painting of a bernese Mountain dog.
This is a western style gourd that could be a vase or pen and pencil holder, etc. . I am also working on a custom gourd ordered for a wedding gift. I am really excited about the progress on it and hope it will be a real stunner. I am going to try some inlay on it which will be a first with Inlace.  I will show pictures of it after it has been given. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is well on the way to a great new year!!