Monday, April 8, 2013

Vacation and Spring

Here are two pictures taken on my favorite beach in Curacao! If I ever retire to a beach, I would like to stay Here! We had a nice cruise this year for vacation and thankfully our ship had no issues, like some of the others recently!

Here are some awesome plants growing in Costa Rica, and my husband while we were ziplining there. The strange array of flora and fauna there was amazing! I was hoping to come home to some nice weather but that didn't happen! It has been cold and snowy until the last few days. I think just maybe spring is finally here! Not much has been done on my studio as we have sold the house my Dad was living in and the final cleaning out on that had to be done and some projects done by my husband for the new owners. Hopefully work will resume soon on my little space!
I have been getting some artwork done.
Here is another painting I did on birch bark in acrylics. I have also been working on a couple watercolors I hope to enter in some juried art shows soon. I will post those in the future. I hope spring is blooming and sunshine is abundant wherever you are!! Until next time....