Friday, October 31, 2014

Campbell Pottery cat and dog show was a success!!

Here I am beside one of my gourds at the Campbell Pottery cat and dog show! I am glad to report the show was a big success and a hefty donation will go to the humane society in Erie! I sold both of my gourds that were entered, so it was a success for me also! Thank you so much to the new owners of my artwork!! I hope you enjoy them for many years to come! Thank you also to Campbell Pottery for having this show and donating to the humane society!! Everyone involved did a great job!
Here are a couple pictures of the beautiful fall colors around here. One is from my kayak and the other is of my old mare out in the pasture. I am sorry to see autumn past it's peak because that means winter is on the doorstep!
Here is an experiment I made using a piece of gourd in the center of some pine needle coiling to hang on the wall.
This is a coiled gourd with a faux finish to match the beads on it.

This chick a dee  gourd is coiled with inlace inlay, an antler, and beading. Hope everyone has a wonderful autumn.