Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Snow and KACC gourd show!!

It is winter here for sure!! Our dog Shelby loves the snow but I must say, I have had enough!! I am longing for green grass and flowers and warm sunshine!! I haven't seen this much snow piled along the driveway in a long time! This kind of weather does afford me more time to work on art projects! I was invited to the two invitational art shows that Campbell Pottery is having this year. One is Paper Art 2, which will start March 28th, and another in October. I have finished my entries for that show , but I will wait to show pictures closer to the show. I was also thrilled to learn that I was accepted into one of the most wonderful gourd art shows in the country, the Kerr Arts and Cultural Centers Southwest Gourd Fine Art Show!!  in Kerrville, Texas!! I can send up to 6 gourds for the show from May 21st to June 28th. So I have been busy coming up with designs and ideas for gourds for that show.
This gourd may be one I send with a few more additions.
This is an extensively carved gourd I have been working on recently.  On another note,
I did get to photograph quite a few dogs in the last month to use as reference photos. A friend had a litter of golden Retriever pups that she was nice enough to let me photograph and my husband and I also went to the dog show in Erie and took photos!! Fun!!

Hopefully the next time I write here the snow will be gone and it will feel like Spring!!
I think the birds at the feeders outside agree!!