Saturday, March 15, 2014

vacation in Vieques

We had a wonderful vacation at the end of February. We spent a week on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. There were 6 couples that went this year, and we rented a beautiful house. The island is full of wild horses, and the beaches are pretty much empty, which was great. The snorkeling was good and it was nice to have a marine biologist among us this year!
 The house we rented.
 Wild horse in our yard.
One of the beautiful beaches.
All of us enjoying a lobster dinner at the house!
I did try my hand at some plein air painting one afternoon while there but I am not ready to show those results!! I did get some nice pictures that will hopefully make some nice paintings in the future. We  returned home to cold and snow in this winter that will not die!! All the animals were fine thanks to Galena who takes excellent care of them . Here is a small gourd container I finished that could be a vase, a pencil holder, a kitchen utensil holder, etc.
I used the inlace inlay around the circle where the zebra is.
 This is a small watercolor of a junco I completed . " A soft place to land" Hope you like it.