Monday, May 14, 2012

The last two birdhouses

My Clematis with azalea in the background

Here are the last two birdhouses I finished lately, one is of tree sparrows and the other is a house finch.  They were both given as Mother's day gifts. Now I hope to spend all of my art time on a couple of entries for the Campbell Pottery Lily Festival. It is a busy time here now, since planting time is upon us. My flowers are starting to bloom and my seedlings in the green  houses are ready to plant. Mowing, weeding, mulching, and planting will require alot of time now. Hopefully I will have some time to ride my horses, as they have been neglected alot the last year. The beauty and promise of Spring still leaves me a little sad and worried, due to the threat of environmental destruction by fracking and the tire burning plant planned for this area. I wonder how long it will take for the beauty of this rural area to be gone and the views I so love to be a distant memory! Will we have clean air, water,safe food, lakes , streams, forests,wildlife,to enjoy in the future?

Geese on the nearby lake