Monday, July 21, 2014

Artist Reception at Campbell Pottery

I don't know if it was the all day rain we had Saturday or not , but the artist reception at Campbell Pottery was packed with people this year! Here I am beside my gourd that made it into the show.
                                                                                                         Here I am beside my painting that was included, ( the top one).It is a very beautiful show this year with some unusual media included. Well worth the trip.
Here are some of my friends and clients and my husband enjoying the fruit and cookies provided. I want to Thank them all again for coming!! The juror this year was Christian Kuharik, from Circle K Studio in Sharon , Pa. I think he did a wonderful job putting together this show and my husband and I actually got to meet him later in the day as we decided to brave the rain and go to Water, Fire Sharon. This event will be held two more times this year and I really enjoyed it! Many bonfires are set in floating containers on the river and beautiful music is played everywhere. Various other bands and performers are there and artists have tents set up to sell their wares, along with food vendors. Christian Kuharik's circle K studio is along the street that is closed off to traffic and he was there firing pottery outside, so that is how we got to meet him, and thank him for a wonderful show and of course including my artwork:) 
If you are looking for something different and fun to do in August and September check out their website and plan on attending!