Friday, August 29, 2014

I wanted to start off with this beautiful picture of some of my sunflowers and a bee taken in my back yard! I sure love all the flowers blooming and I hate to see them go come fall! Can't believe September is already upon us!
       I had some wonderful news when I went back to Campbell Pottery to pick up my art at the end of the lily show...They sold my gourd that was entered! I hope the new owner enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it!! I will also be making some pieces for a new show Campbell Pottery will be having in October of dogs and cats!! This show will benefit the humane society in Erie so it is a cause very important to me!! Please check out their website for info and plan on attending!!
    Also , on September 13th Liberty Galleria , the store in Franklin that has my work in it , is hosting an art crawl...A gathering of birds!! There will be food and drink and all kinds of fun things going on!! Please come!! There will be a silent auction and One of my painted birdhouses will be included in that.
      I have been busy making gourds  when I can in between mowing grass and canning goodies from the garden!  Here is a little witch I made. She is available now at Liberty Galleria.
I also made this gourd with pine needle coiling  and a pretty stone bead.
On another note,, after taking a canoe trip a couple weeks ago with some friends, we have decided to get some kayaks of our own! Here I am trying out the one we have so far on Lake Wilhelm. Hoping to get some good wildlife pics from the boat!!
Hope to see you at the Galleria on September 13th and at Campbell Pottery for the dog and cat show!!!