Thursday, September 17, 2015

Beautiful Monarchs

I have been pleasantly surprised to find several monarch caterpillars on the milkweed plants in my field recently. I don't allow any roundup to be sprayed here so the milkweed is allowed to grow and is safe for the caterpillars! I also found a chrysalis hanging on a goldenrod plant! Can you see the wing colors through the covering? This whole process is so amazing to me! I decided to try and raise some caterpillars inside ( which is actually safer for them as long as you keep them clean and provide fresh milkweed leaves. ) I have 3 and two of them are now hanging upside down ready to change into the chrysalis stage! I hope they hurry before it gets too cold outside. Monarchs born now migrate to Mexico and California for the winter!! Amazing!!!
Here is one that is on one of my sunflowers!! so Beautiful!!
It is almost time for the next art show at Campbell Pottery! This show has the theme of recycle ,renew, and repurpose! I have made two entries for it, both with gourds.
This one is a gourd and gourd piece that I coiled with some strings off of some hay bales I had. I loved the bright color of the strings , so I had been saving them for something! This show just provided the perfect reason to use them!! The other piece is an African doll incorporating a gourd but also some surprising elements you wouldn't expect!! That is a tease so you will go to the show and check it out!! The show starts October 2nd and the artist reception is on the 10th!
The 26th of September is the last Water fire Sharon for the year, I highly recommend it if you have never gone!!