Monday, July 20, 2015

Campbell Pottery Lily Festival 2015

Here I am at the artist reception at Campbell Pottery this weekend, with my gourd. It was a very nice afternoon and I must say the air conditioning was nice as it was very hot and humid outside!! The gallery was very busy and my husband and I enjoyed talking to some of the others there!! My husband especially enjoys the cookies and fruit!! :)
The fields outside were really beautiful with all the lilies in bloom! The show runs until August 2nd and is well worth the trip!
I have had a lily fest of my own at home as all my flowers are blooming! This is the biggest white lily I have ever grown!!
It was so heavy, it broke off and had to be put into a vase!!
After the reception, we went home to take care of animals and then off to the Water Fire event in Sharon! It was a beautiful evening with good music and art and the lovely fires on the river! We also checked out the new brewery in town which was fun! there are 2 more this summer, and I recommend the experience!
I hope everyone is having a fun summer and enjoying the warm weather! Can't believe it is almost August!!
This deer was enjoying some apples in our front yard!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trumbull Art Gallery Opening Reception

As mentioned in the last post, I was trying to get something made for the Trumbull Art Gallery annual regional art show. I ended up entering three pieces and they were all accepted! I was so thrilled! The show was juried by John Vanco the director of the Erie Art Museum. The opening reception was last night and the place was packed! It was difficult just to move through the gallery!
I entered two paintings and a gourd. The paintings have been on here before, but the gourd is new. It was made using the same idea from my elephant piece that was at the Campbell Pottery paper art show.
This gourd took a lot of work as I turned it upside down and cut the top off and moved it to the other side making a lid. The bottom then had a wooden piece fitted into it. A small gourd was added to the lid for the handle. The elephant is carved and woodburned and painted. There is a woodburned design with various animal prints etc.. The body of the gourd has an alcohol dye finish. An inlaid teardrop is on the elephant. The show at the Trumbull Art gallery in Warren Ohio goes on until August 29th.
Don't forget the Lily festival artist reception is next Saturday the 18th at Campbell Pottery. Also that day is the first water fire Sharon of the summer. If you go stop by gallery 29!!
Flowers are all in bloom around here and so beautiful!
There are some butterflies on the milkweed , but sorry to say, I have not seen one Monarch!! Makes me sad , as a few years ago they were covered with them! Please help save them! There are many articles online about what you can do!!