Friday, December 31, 2010


This is a sign I carved from butternut to hang at the art shows I attend. I also carved a sign out of redwood for my son's business. It can be seen on his website

Alpaca and Cat

As I was setting up the backdrop to take pictures of my artwork, Sam, my cat decided I was making a bed for him! So I added the gourd to the picture since he was posing so nicely!! The Alpaca gourd is woodburned, ink dyed and painted, with a real alpaca wool rim.

Blue with Leather

This vase is a striking blue ink dye with leather rim and beads and feathers.

Butternut Butterfly

This gourd bowl has a hand carved butternut lid with a butterfly. it has been woodburned and painted with acrylics.

Bear in Pines

This bowl with a handcarved butternut lid is woodburned, carved slightly, and ink dyed.

Fall Foliage

This bowl has been woodburned followed by
ink dye in various fall colors.

Indian Gourd Doll, Native Feathers gourd bowl

Doll made from small gourd, clay additions, horse hair for hair
Bowl is woodburned, carved,  ink dyed

Reining Horse Wisdom

Reining horse carved in butternut

Zebra ornament

Woodburned,small zebra ornament

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Elephant Walk

This gourd is woodburned only. It was a custom ordered gourd by a man that had recently lost his wife whom was a collector of elephants. He really liked it and I hope I did his wife proud!

Forest King

First Place Lone Star Gourd Festival, mixed media
A rather large gourd, woodburned, carved, ink dyed, painted, closed coil rim with antler.

Tiger and Stone

Third Place, Lone Star Gourd Festival, Earth's Creatures
This is a tall gourd with woodburning, acrylic painting, ink dye, and inlaid stones.

Panda with copper

This gourd is ink dyed a rich green with woodburning, carving and painting. The lid was constructed from a gourd piece and wood and clay. Then it was painted with a faux copper paint and patina as was a design under the panda.

Morning Run

ink dyedcarved,  painted
inlaid conchos,faux carved tooling

Golden Charm

This gourd took me many hours to carve. There are four depictions of Golden Retrievers. After carving, it was ink dyed and painted. There is also some woodburning on it. It has inlaid beads around the bottom also.

Navaho beads

paintedcolored pencil
inlaid seed beads, beaded rim

Bay Horse

This large gourd has a bay horse head painted on it,with woodburned faux tooling and conchos attached . Leather lacing is sewn on the rim.

Hoo's There?

This small gourd is carved and woodburned. The owls are painted in acrylics. The lid is a small gourd turned upside down inside the owl gourd. There are small woodburned feathers all around the gourd.