Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow Rollers

I wanted to start this post with some pictures of the rare "snow rollers" that recently formed in all the open fields around here. They are supposedly only able to form about once every 100 years because conditions have to be just perfect. Pretty cool, huh?
            I have   been spending a lot of time in the studio lately since the weather is so awful. I finished the gourd that is a wedding gift. The process of using the inlace went pretty well, but the stuff is pretty awful to smell, both when applying and sanding. I can't imagine it is a very healthy thing to be exposed to. I now have 3 cans of the stuff to use so I will have to come up with some more projects for it, but I think I will wait until it is warm enough to do in open air!
          I have also been working on some watercolor paintings and have finished three just in the last couple of weeks.
This one of the burrows and sunflowers cheered me up while doing it, looking at something other than snow.
This is an older watercolor I don't  think I ever put on here. I painted it after I got a really good reference photo of a hawk holding a hornworm. My husband yelled at me because I stopped the car on the road to get the picture.
Here is an older gourd I did as a decorative tea pot.

I think my horses are getting tired of the snow and cold  too. This is two of them saying can we go in the barn now???