Saturday, November 28, 2015

Super Weather!!

The weather this fall has been amazing!! I have been able to go kayaking 4 times in the last few weeks which feels wonderful!! Even though we have gone from trees ablaze with color to trees devoid of leaves , the warm weather allows the beauty of both to shine through!!
This view of my favorite creek shows the beauty of Pennsylvania!

I have encountered quite a few eagles on my kayak adventures , like this one watching as I paddled underneath!

I also came upon this bird which I think is a juvenile black crowned night heron. Anyone know for sure?
I have had time to start and finish one gourd. This one I call Winter White. It has a metallic white and sponged on white finish with random spots of gold leaf. The pine needle coiling is accented with gold beads and pine cones! I really like how the colors complement the natural beauty of the gourd and the pine needles! This gourd is available and would make a nice part of a display for

Monday, November 2, 2015

Recycle Show and the rest of the trip to Maine.

Here I am next to my African sculpture at the Campbell Pottery recycle show! The reception was very nice and I loved to see all the creative ways artists used everyday articles and dare I say trash, to make beautiful art! Thank you very much to the new owner of the sculpture!!

I also talked to a very nice art teacher that has started a blog. She is covering a lot of local art events for her blog and included me for this show! The link to her blog is   
Now to continue with our trip to Maine... Here is the view from a state park near our daughters house!! Beautiful!
All too soon it was time to start back home, and wave goodbye to riley in front of her house! We took the long way home and drove across Maine to New Hampshire and stopped to check out Mount Washington. We were too late to drive up so we had to settle for pictures from the bottom!
We passed this beautiful resort with a rainbow nearby! Then we continued across Vermont and the next day took the ferry across Lake Champlain.
We traveled to Lake Placid New York and went up the ski jump! I don't know how those athletes jump off those things!!
Our last stop was at Letchworth State Park in New York. It is very beautiful there with wonderful waterfalls!
Our trip was a lot of fun , but it is always nice to get home and see the dog, cat, and horses!

Here is my favorite fall tree in my yard! Such a beautiful sight !