Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays!!

Here are two gourd birdhouses that were ordered for Christmas presents. I finished them just in time! I am not in a very good holiday mood this year,due to the threat of hydrofracking to our part of PA. I feel like I am living in a nightmare since the beautiful abundant lakes , rivers, creeks, and groundwater here could be polluted with gas and a concoction of mostly unknown chemicals, of which the known ones cause cancer and endocrine disruptions. Since the oil and gas companies and their big money run everything in this country, this insane method of gas extraction goes on, unchecked!! Even though the EPA finally decided that hydrofracking polluted wells in wyoming. I have never been an activist in any other fight , but I feel I need to TRY to stop this before my place of birth and my home for most of my life is trashed and polluted by these methods. But how do you fight such big money??  We went to lovely Christmas cookie decorating party last night at a friends house  and some of us there will be trying to organize a public showing of gasland soon among other things. Everyone that lives here and drinks water should be worried about this coming danger.